Foodie Destination: Austin, TX


I know my hiatus was long, but your girl has been doing a SERIOUS amount of traveling (and eating, and drinking…). As a result, I have so many bar and foodie adventures to share with you! So let me get to business.

Sean and I are definitely a foodie couple. Our travels together thus far have centered around finding great breweries and unique eateries. Our trip to Austin, Texas, to celebrate his birthday in early April fell right in line with that.

Austin, the capital city of Texas, is this perfect little progressive and hip oasis in an otherwise conservative state. Located in Texas’s hill country, the scenery is beyond gorgeous. We visited Hamilton Pool, a natural pool that developed due to erosion and a collapsed underground river dome thousands of years ago, and that was breathtaking. We also spend some quality time walking the trails around Lady Bird Lake – there is no shortage of outdoorsy activities here. But the real reason Sean and I went to Austin? BARBECUE. And lots of it!

So without further ado, I share with you all the foodie adventures of Bri and Sean!

Day 1:

The first thing we did when we stepped off the plane was head to a brewery that Sean spotted OUT THE WINDOW of our plane while landing. That brewery turned out to be Live Oak Brewery, which has this outrageous outdoor area that’s perfect for enjoying a cold beer on a sunny day. Which is what we did. Best hefeweizen I have had to date.

Live Oak Brewery
This is me and my hefeweizen at Live Oak!

Then, based on the recommendation of Sean’s pal, we headed to Bangers, which was the funkiest restaurant and bar! Aptly named, the joint served gourmet sausage sandwiches with creative toppings. I had the banger of the day, which had asparagus, mushrooms, and a tasty aioli among other toppings. But the coolest part about this place was the bar itself. It boasted the largest tap in the state, with 96 taps of beer. And the waiters could not have been more funky and friendly. We had a blast here.

The tap at Bangers in Austin, TX!
My banger! This thing was tasty!

And then, we went to our hotel and passed out from our food coma.

Day 2:

We started our day nice and early to visit Round Rock Donuts, which was featured on Adam Richman’s show on the Travel Channel, Man VS. Food. THESE DONUTS YOU GUYS. They like, actually melted in our mouths. SO. RIDICULOUSLY. GOOD. Also, they are famous for their “Texas-sized” donuts and cinnamon roll. I snapped a picture. Regular size donuts for reference.

These are the donuts at Round Rock Donuts. Like…look at the size difference!

After a nature break to visit Hamilton Pool, we went to get ourselves on the wait list at Salt Lick Barbecue (the original location in Driftwood). This was also featured on Adam’s show, and for good reason. I had a rather euphoric experience whilst eating the burnt ends. No joke.

This plate got demolished by yours truly!
I could NOT believe how good this food was.

We also visited a few breweries today, the most notable being Jester King Brewery. I would describe this place as like a brewery mecca. The grounds were STUNNING, as it is located on these rolling farmlands. They’ve taken advantage of this by setting up a massive outdoor seating area complete with picturesque string lights and chandeliers hanging from trees. I had a blast, and a stranger let me hold their puppy.

Need I say more?
Me and my beer at Jester King Brewery!

We wrapped up our day by grabbing dinner at In N Out, my first experience at this famed California-based fast food joint! This chain and Whataburger (which is actually Texas-based) were all over the place, so we knew we had to eat there. I got my burger and my fries “animal style”, and I have no regrets.

Animal Style, Baby!

And then another early night passing out due to food coma. We are a really exciting young couple.

Day 3:

We did the thing, you guys. We got up nice and early, and got in line for the super famous Franklin Barbecue (If Anthony Bourdain says it’s good…it’s gotta be good). At 8:30 in the morning, the line was already to the back of their lot…they don’t open until 11! We made it into the restaurant and ordered our food at 12:45. We were eating by 12:50. Was it worth the 4+ hours of waiting? YES. YES IT WAS.

The brisket, though.
I get why Anthony Bourdain likes this place.

The rest of our day entailed more breweries. I snapped this gorgeous photo at our final brewery of the day, St. Elmo.

Sadly, no beer named “St. Elmo’s Fire”

Day 4:

Our last day. We had one more foodie stop, another Adam Richman find: Juan in a Million. Adam had an epic failure while attempting their eating challenge, which is basically eating as many of their famous Don Juan Grande breakfast tacos as you can. We had to meet this taco.

Guys. This taco was EPIC. It was one pound of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese among other ingredients all on a tortilla. It was SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD.

This taco…I can’t. It was just too good.

The rest of our day was spent walking around downtown Austin to help digest this epic taco. We explored the State Capitol building, and took our time meandering around the University of Texas campus.

All in all, I SUPER recommend Austin as a long weekend trip. It was by far one of my favorite cities I have had the pleasure of visiting, and I can’t wait to go back!

What’s your favorite city that you’ve visited? Why do you travel? Sound off in the comments below!