Why I’m Crazy About Barre

As much as I love food, I also love having a balanced lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is regular exercise – it helps me keep extra pounds away (don’t get me wrong, I have a healthy layer of tacos on my mid-section, but I’m not overweight by any means because I take care not to be) and it also really helps with stress and anxiety management.

I have tried many, many forms of exercise. I’ve had plenty of gym memberships, I did zumba and spin classes, and I even trained for and ran four half marathons. But none of those forms of exercise made me feel the way that my barre classes make me feel. So, I’m going to share with you why I’m so crazy about Pure Barre!

Don’t know what Pure Barre is? Read about it here!

It’s low impact, but high intensity

I was particularly fit when I was running and training for my half marathons, and I am really, really proud of my PR – I ran my last half in 2 hours and 16 minutes. However, there’s a toll that running takes on the body. Pounding the pavement 3-4 days a week made my knees ache like I never knew my 20-something body could feel. I also kept hurting myself despite all of the physical therapy and strength training I was doing – I’m talking multiple sprained foot and rolled ankle injuries. It just wasn’t fun anymore. It was more work and pain than it was worth.

Pure Barre offers me a killer workout but without being a burden on my body. Don’t get me wrong here; barre classes are incredibly challenging and I literally shake each and every class. My muscles are exerted and I sweat and my heart rate is elevated. It just comes without the tolls of high-impact activities.

It’s a healthy environment

When I come home from barre class, I often gush about how encouraging/helpful/friendly/energetic/positive the teachers are.

I’ll explain.

I’ve never had such an encouraging and personalized workout experience in a group class format like I get with Pure Barre. If I’m working really hard, a teacher gives me a positive affirmation. If I’m not in proper form, a teacher comes over and adjusts me. Every teacher knows my name or makes a point to learn it. I feel at home and welcome. I’m not embarrassed or lost while working out in a barre class; instead I feel the opposite. I feel empowered, like if I can’t do it now I will be able to in the future, and everyone there is helping me work toward that same goal.

It’s changing me

This is the part that sounds cheesy but is very real. For the first time in a long time, I see triceps and shoulder muscle definition. My otherwise flat booty has a more rounded shape to it. I’m not as winded when I walk up flights of stairs. I walk with better posture. I smile more.

Pure Barre classes are making me stronger, but I’m also finding that I’m just generally happier with myself because I’m treating myself to an activity that I genuinely enjoy. It’s a cool thing when your mind and body find a place where they can get along as friends. Pure Barre is that place for me and I encourage you to give it a go also if you don’t already.
Are you as crazy about Pure Barre or any other type of barre class as I am?! How has your group fitness experience changed you? Sound off in the comments!

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions expressed here are my own, and this is my personal review of a service that I pay for.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Bri at the Bar
This is me in EPCOT at Disney World, enjoying an adult beverage at the Food and Wine Festival!

I admittedly stressed out for quite some time over how to introduce myself, and I think that says a lot about me. Don’t mind me, I’m just a little anxious ball of female power!

Hi, I’m Bri, a 20-something living in the Tampa, Florida, area. I live with my boyfriend and his sweet older dog, Ari. I work in marketing as a pay-per-click analyst, running ad campaigns on Google for some of the agency’s clients. In my free time, you can find me at Disney World (I have a slight obsession with all things Disney), at a theme park in general, on a weekend getaway to a new city, eating yummy food (I LOVE food; I travel for food – no exaggeration), or drinking (my boyfriend brews beer for a living, it’s a common activity in this household!). On my normal day-to-day, you’ll find me doing chores and working out. A few months back I picked up Pure Barre, and I am completely hooked to say the least.

This brings me to why I am starting this blog. I want to share with the world some of my heart and maybe even meet other people who find they have passions similar to me. Since everything lives on the internet, I figured it was time I joined.

On this blog, I plan to share my Pure Barre journey as well as my foodie and adult beverage adventures, and maybe even some inner thoughts from time to time. I think that the key to my personal happiness is balance, which is something I have been working at having more of in the last few years. This blog will demonstrate my balance – the balance between indulging in delicious food and cocktails/beer and keeping myself happy and healthy with exercise and a well-rounded lifestyle.

I look forward to starting my journey here with all of you, readers! Come along for the ride, I think we will all have some fun 🙂

Hi! Think we could be friends? Say hello in the comments below! I’m thrilled to have the chance to connect with people who love the same things I do. There’s no such thing as too many food or puppy pictures. There just isn’t!