The Importance of a Girls’ Night In

Sometimes for a Girls’ Night In, my bestie Stephany and I do healthy girl dates! We pack a picnic and head out to a park to walk! Not a GNI in its true sense, but still an awesome alternative to a GNO. Love these moments!

I am a huge supporter of the girl’s night out. It is so refreshing to have a night out having dinner and drinks or perhaps catching a movie with a group of girlfriends. Having a social life separate from my male partner has really helped us keep a happy relationship, so I make sure I regularly make plans with the women in my life. But today I’m going to speak some personal truths about another type of ladies night that I value deeply: The girls’ night in.

The girls’ night in, whether with one friend or many, serves me well in so many ways, and it is for these reasons I strongly encourage other women out there to do the same.

It gives you much needed girl-time

There’s something about watching a romantic comedy with other females that makes it so much better. I think it’s the ability to laugh at like-mindedness and the fact that we may (or may not) identify with the movie’s characters. That, and my fiance really does not like the gushy stuff. So it goes, am I right?

Getting together with other women in an intimate setting does allow for more intimate conversation. Many of us are going through or will go through similar social, romantic, personal, financial, and career situations where we can find consolation and seek consultation from our peers. Women experience life differently than men do, and it’s really nice to be able to discuss life’s happenings with people who can relate and may have some pretty sound advice from a place of experience.

It’s a healthier environment

Someone’s home is likely going to be more comfortable and quiet than, say, a restaurant or bar. And even if you stock up on junk food (bring on the wine, cookies, and popcorn please!), it’s easier to make better, more healthful food choices where you know exactly what it is your eating. In fact, one of my best friends and I had a girls’ night in where we cooked a few Skinnytaste recipes. It was tasty, satisfying, and didn’t kill my diet.

It’s cheaper

Alcohol is expensive. Restaurants are expensive. Movie tickets are expensive. Professional manicures and pedicures are expensive. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

A rented movie, a DIY spa night, and splitting a grocery bill make the girls’ night in activity look way nicer on your credit card statement.

It’s good for the soul

At the end of the day, I am a big believer in the girls’ night in because it enriches my life in a way that no other activity really can. I can kick back, relax (something I do entirely too little of), and enjoy the company of the people around me without distraction. The ability to tune out the rather cruel and unusual world we live in for a few short hours has this detoxifying effect on my health that I can barely even scratch the surface of describing. When life is rough, or even when life is grand, it’s nice to spend time with my girlfriends and find joy in those moments.

When was your last girls’ night in? What did you do? Sound off in the comments!

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